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¿Prefieres el horario europeo, de 8 a 17 horas?

38 % Sí, así tengo la tarde libre
25 % No, que me quede como estoy
25 % No, prefiero descansar a mitad
13 % Sí, mucho mejor

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Dice Craigfah:


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Dice l1FxFdbB1yg:


Carlos, I see your point and I think it's a good one in many ways. It could be used to counter a rfexelive and unfair judgment against someone who has suffered a betrayal in a marriage.At the same time, there may be some marriages where a spouse is cold, contemptuous, mean, frigid, etc. Such a spouse might be faithful' in the sense of not committing sexual infidelity but still leave his/her partner out in the cold' by not responding to real and healthy human needs for intimacy, friendship, kindness, etc. That may leave the neglected spouse into a greater atmosphere of personal temptation. I'm not saying that the sin of adultery is justified in such a situation but the role that human frailty and real human needs may play in the situation is more understandable.Revisiting your analogy of leaving a car window down I've heard the saying that locks aren't meant to deter thieves but that locks are intended to keep honest people honest. After all, the determined occupational thief will find ways to break the lock or work around a lock to steal whereas the honest person would not normally consider breaking into a house or a safe. Following that analogy further, if a door or safe is left ajar and the honest person can see the contents are laid out and vulnerable, then he or she may then become subject to a temptation which arguably should not have been there. A responsible person will not be careless and leave their prized possessions (or prized relationships) vulnerable.So my argument here is that a considerate spouse can be a ward against infidelity can help to protect the faithful spouse from being led into temptation.I have read discussion of a hierarchy of sexual sin in the church. There is the one-time offender who falls into momentary temptation but is truly repentant. Then there is the sexual predator or player' who will be unfaithful no matter how well he/she is treated.Following your analogy then the inconsiderate spouse or mean spouse might be leaving the window down' or inviting a temptation that wouldn't or shouldn't normally be there. If that happens, then I think the spouse does bear some responsibility.I do suspect that there are some unfaithful marital partners out there who would have been perfectly faithful if they were treated as actual marriage partners.The following verses don't actually speak on that subject but they leave some room for thought and interpretation on the subject.Doctrine and Covenants 42:24-2624 Thou shalt not commit adultery; and he that committeth adultery, and repenteth not, shall be cast out.25 But he that has committed adultery and repents with all his heart, and forsaketh it, and doeth it ano more, thou shalt forgive;26 But if he doeth it again, he shall not be forgiven, but shall be cast out.

Dice YW1MNZvoHP7H:


, and I didn't see my own name and I thought Bill Clinton? Bill's my husnbad and he did neglect his former wife, who looked for companionship elsewhere. She wasn't looking for revenge, she was lonely. It happened.I wasn't seeking to excuse or exonerate her actions. I was saying that there were contributing factors. I said, she had a choice. But Bill wasn't a poor innocent perfect husnbad, either. http://zubcmfqkfq.com [url=http://atloqjqnfal.com]atloqjqnfal[/url] [link=http://dzfvlqw.com]dzfvlqw[/link]

Dice MLqGTmiY:


Carlos, surely you are wlinilg to recognize that: a) the sin of adultery happens in a wide variety of contexts some more understandable than others.andb) that some adulterers are remorseful and repentant whereas others are decidedly committed to a path of immorality.Recognizing these two factors should make a person less judgmental not more so.Also, I'm speaking in a very general way and am not pointing the finger at anyone specific. Maybe you feel like I'm pointing a finger directly at you. I'm not.

Dice Jn6u7H2F0:


Bitter at all, Dawn? Wronged spouses DESERVE some legal reuosrce, some satisfaction. The Fitches need to pay the Plumber and be glad his pain and injured sensibilities found satisfaction with a lawsuit instead of at the business end of a shotgun. So you're saying murder is acceptable if there is no chance of getting satisfaction monetarily? What, according to you, would be a sufficient amount of money to prevent the death penalty? What if the end of the marriage is not all the fault of the departing spouse or the third party but is the result of neglect or abuse by the husband or wife who is left behind? Advocating violence on the part of scorned spouses is not a legitimate answer to this problem, and comparing the end of a marriage to a robbery is advocating a return to the days of women as property. I can't see how that's an improvement.

Dice Bunny:


Por supuesto., de 8 a 17 h. es lo ideal., nuestos horarios son un atraso y comer y cenar tan tarde es muy perjudicial.., por ejem., se engorda mucho más.....

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