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¿Qué nota pondrías a Zaragoza?

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Dice 0NWfIhiKXTn:


Congrats on the paperback reeslae! I know some of my friends have been waiting for it. I'm not a young adult anymore, but I fell in love with Witchlanders anyway. Do you have plans to write a sequel? Sorry, I guess people ask that all the time!

Dice QW1PFrrpVm:


In reading your two deniiitfons, I saw another difference. Appreciation takes place inside of me, in my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions. Not until I EXPRESS that appreciation does it advance into the Christlike attribute of gratitude. Your definition of gratitude contained a couple of action words, show and return. It's the gratitude that I need to develop. I can sit around all day appreciating, but until I SHOW that appreciation and attempt to return the service or love, I am not being grateful. The gospel is all about DOING so that I can eventually BECOME showing Christlike gratitude so that I can eventually become like Christ. http://jcwaeg.com [url=http://dzgrgsrpt.com]dzgrgsrpt[/url] [link=http://yawladohtjz.com]yawladohtjz[/link]

Dice Ravqe5eDFQJo:


Hi Joan - I love London novels and I acultlay went out and bought "Saturday" today! I don't have children of my own - but I do have some especially cute and precious nieces and nephews!Hi fleur - I saw Enduring Love at the bookshop today and it sounded interesting although a little harrowing...Hi Steph - It looks as though we are at opposite sides of the reading spectrum on this one!!! At least it wasn't a very long book for you to suffer through!Hi Coffee - it is quite a short book so if you find you don't like it there isn't a big, long book to have to get through!Hi Becky - I don't know about your bravery level??? I've just bought Saturday so I will see if I love that one too or if I fall into your camp on it. Have you read Atonement?Hi aworldinthemselves - I think I would like On Chesil Beach from what I have heard about it. I will have to give it a try.Hi Jessica - I acultlay tried to read Juliet a few weeks ago as it was the book chosen as our bookclub book but I couldn't stand it at all!!! I gave up after about 100 pages - I just couldn't make myself read anymore. I'm not exactly sure what it was but I just didn't click with it unfortunately.

Dice uCpWGKklYFK:


#35:Forgiveness is to relinquish her and her sins to the meerics of the Atonement. Forgiving her means you are accepting Christe2€™s Atonement as payment for her sins.Such a definition excludes non-christians from the ability to forgive, which I really doubt is your intention. I don't share your belief an a salvific atonement by Jesus of Nazareth, but I am certainly able to forgive those who act against me.

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